Our Trucks and Equipment are well maintained and are professionally designed to reflect the clean, precise professionalism that customers and competitors alike have come to expect from Allied Coring & Demolition. We use the latest and safest equipment on the market. We want to make sure your project is completed in the safest and quickest possible manner.

HusqvarnaLogoHiltiLogo1Our major equipment partners are Husqvarna and Hilti. Both companies have devoted a tremendous amount of resource into the diamond cutting industry and are leaders in the field. They both back their products with excellent service and provide Allied personnel with hands-on operational and service instruction as well as general business consultation.

Husqvarna is the primary provider to Allied of flat saws, wall saws, wire saws, and hydraulic-driven core drills and hand saws. Hilti is the primary provider to Allied of GPR scanning technology, electric core drills, electric hand saws, jack hammers, and a wide variety of power tools.

Other key equipment providers to Allied include Bobcat for their skid loaders and breakers, the Core Cut line of Diamond Products for their electric flat saws, ICS for their concrete chain saws, and Grabber Power for their vacuum slurry control systems and other concrete cutting accessories. We also use Caterpillar concrete crushing equipment and both Caterpillar and John Deere excavators.